The Walled Garden of Llanerchaeron

The Walled Garden at Llanerchaeron

Built in the late 18th century the walled gardens at Llanerchaeron have been producing fruit and vegetables for over 200 years. Originally a high tech hive of Georgian industry the gardens have a much more romantic and dreamy feeling about them today.

200 years of horticultural history

Within the walls you will find productive kitchen gardens, ancient fruit trees, remnants of horticultural technology spanning the lifetime of the garden, herbaceous borders and a wonderful herb garden.

The south facing walls were all heated by fire pits when first built and evidence of these remains as well as 2 beds heated by hypocausts which were used for fruit production.  In the frame yard you will find a fire pit used to heat cold frames. 

Along the south facing walls is a  Victorian greenhouse heated by circulating hot water systems which remain in place though not now heated and also a gently decaying concrete greenhouse from the 1950s.  Over 200 years of horticultural history along 100 meters of wall!

51 varieties of apple

Ancient apple trees, originally espalier have created their own unique shapes and look as if they have seen every season that has passed since the walled gardens were first built.  In more recent years more apple trees have been planted within the walled garden and there are now 51 varieties of apple.

The herb garden is under the south facing wall of the east walled garden. 25 rectangular beds, arranged in a “piano key layout” are filled with a range of culinary and medicinal herbs.  In summer they are at their vibrant best and show off the huge range of colours, textures and forms of this fascinating group of plants.  The herb garden is also home to many of the pollinating insects which are essential to the productivity of the gardens.