Working Together

Working Together Llanerchaeron

Achieving more together...

Working Together 16 March – 25 October

This year, we will be sharing the stories of the relationships that formed and grew on the estate that were so important for the creation and protection of Llanerchaeron in a new exhibition.

Relationships of all kinds have been vitally important in Llanerchaeron’s past. From husbands and wives to brothers and sisters, from parents and children to working partnerships, Llanerchaeron’s ability to adapt and yet survive intact over the centuries has largely been due to the remarkable relationships that were formed over the course of its history.
Learn how the devotion of siblings Eliza and John Lewis helped Eliza through a difficult separation and gave her children a brighter future. Bask in the romance of William and Corbetta Lewis’s teenage love story. Discover how Tom and Annie Lewes worked together to bring the estate through troubled times to smoother waters.
We will be sharing these different stories through our interpretation of the villa and the estate which will change over the course of the year to reflect Llanerchaeron’s changing history.

Not just an ‘Upstairs’ story

At Llanerchaeron, the stories of the servants ‘downstairs’ are just as intriguing as those that they served ‘upstairs’.  Through research of the Llanerchaeron archives, we have uncovered some of their personal relationships, both in the house and on the estate.
You can discover the fate of the illicit relationship between the under gardener and the lady’s maid and ponder on the parentage of the housemaid’s baby.

Memory Jars

Some of the most interesting stories that are told at Llanerchaeron are the ones shared by visitors from their own histories. To help capture and preserve these memories, you will find ‘Memory Jars’ in the villa for leaving your memories of the past on different themes, such as childhood and domestic service. This is part of our ‘In My Own Words’ oral history project. If you have memories of Llanerchaeron from the past or you know someone who does who would like to share them so that they are preserved for future generations to hear, please do get in touch with us.