A hidden gem at Longshaw

flowers and herbs in pots

Did you know Longshaw has a kitchen garden? It supplies the tea-room with fresh produce and cut flowers in the summer months.

As far as we know, it's the highest kitchen garden in the country, at 1100 feet elevation. Throughout July you'll be able to explore the garden with a spotter sheet which you cna pick up from the shed. You never know what you may find! 

Explore the delightful kitchen garden this summer
kitchen garden toddler sunshine flowers



Looked after by a group of 14 dedicated volunteers, the garden is a hive of activity every Thursday.  The garden was created to showcase small-scale gardening and all the volunteers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and want people to go away inspired to do some gardening themselves, however small their garden.

The kitchen garden is run by volunteers.
volunteer in grey holding herbs for girls to sniff

A peaceful haven

On a sunny day, it’s a tranquil haven to have a seat and take a break from the world.