Quiet summer evenings at Longshaw

Visitor enjoying the sunset from a rock at Longshaw, Burbage

Summer evenings are the perfect time to enjoy Longshaw’s quieter moments, when many people have gone home. Enjoy the colours, smells and sounds of summer with our tips below.

Away from the visitor centre, you’ll find the lesser-known parts of the estate. Jubilee, near the Grouse Inn, is the perfect place for an evening picnic with a view. For close access you can use the Haywood car park, or you can take the train from Sheffield to Grindleford and walk up the valley side through Hay Wood itself.

White Edge Moor leading to Froggatt Edge gives spectacular views over Hope Valley and the Eastern Moors. Popular with climbers and mountains bikers, there’s enough space for everyone on a summer evening.

View from White Edge at sunset

Bole Hill appears magical in bright sunlight, as the sun reflects off the trunks of the silver birch trees and filters through green leaves. Head up through the wood to Lawrence Field and you might catch a glimpse of red deer, skylarks and little owls which emerge when all is quiet. Accessible by bus or the Surprise View car park.

Red deer roam the moors at Longshaw.
red deer stag with antlers facing camera
Red deer roam the moors at Longshaw.

For an extended walk, why not join up all three areas of Longshaw? Starting a round walk from any of these points will give you a walk of about 8 miles (4 hours).

Every time you visit Longshaw, you help to keep it healthy and beautiful, thank you.