Help us to protect Moseley Old Hall

Moseley Old Hall
Published : 23 Jan 2017 Last update : 14 Feb 2017

A new road, carrying 24 hour lorry traffic, has been proposed less than 200 metres from the front door of Moseley Old Hall. The road is one of nine options to access a future employment site. We asked for your help to ensure it does not go to planning by responding to the local consultation. Thank you if you supported us, we will update you as soon as there are further developments.

We now have to wait to hear the results of the consultation and further survey work the council are doing. We are supportive of this redevelopment of an industrial site, an old Royal Ordnance Factory at Featherstone, for local employment. However option nine cuts through the approaches to Moseley, a 17th century farmhouse, and would also end a 400-year history of people walking along the country paths to its oldest remaining neighbour, Northycote Farm.

Moseley Old Hall sits in the remains of the agricultural landscape that once made it the perfect hiding place for a king. Reached by narrow winding lanes with high hedges, the Hall provided a sanctuary for King Charles II in 1651 and continues to act as a retreat to its visitors today by offering a taste of a bygone, rural age.

Allowing Moseley Old Hall to be isolated from its historic landscape setting would show a fundamental disregard to our nation's history as well as the care of our local green spaces – something we should cherish so close to the urban conurbation of Wolverhampton.

Moseley Old Hall from the orchard

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The consultation is now closed, if you would like to find out more please visit the County Council website.