Preserving Newtown’s Old Town Hall for the future

This was about our conservation work in 2016, which is now complete. As a Grade II* listed building in our care, it is important that we protect and preserve Newtown Old Town Hall for future generations. To help us do this, we constantly monitor the condition of the building, and from time to time carry out essential conservation work. This year (2016) we are undertaking vital repairs to the walls, which means that, in order to ensure the best conditions, we have had to close the Old Town Hall a little earlier than normal.

Recently, it was discovered that cracks had started to appear in the north-east wall as a result of tree root damage. Last year, these trees were removed in order to stop further damage and the ground was left to settle before work could begin on mending the wall. Now that the ground is stable again, our contractor can begin the important repair work that is needed.

Perfect conditions

In order to ensure that this work can be carried out and completed whilst the weather is dry and not too cold, we have had to close the Old Town Hall a little earlier than expected. Consequently, the last day for exploring this ancient building was Thursday 15 September this year, slightly before the advertised last day of Thursday 20 October.

It is expected that the repair work will take around six weeks to complete. The nature of the repairs mean that redecoration will be needed in the affected area, and so we felt that this offered the perfect opportunity to undertake some much needed redecoration of the interior as a whole.

Protecting our collections

Newtown Old Town Hall contains a number of historic artefacts, paintings and furniture and it’s important that these items are protected during the repairs. We've been working closely with Anna Pizzey, the Senior House Steward at Mottisfont and Sam Taylor, our conservator for the Isle of Wight. They have helped us to survey and record the condition of the objects prior to removal, and to put Newtown Old Town Hall to bed for this year.


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