Winter walks at Nymans

Man walking across winter parkland scene

We pick our favourite winter spots in the garden from topiary creature creations to winter flowering heathers and sweetly scented daphnes. Join us for a guided walk, or set out on a trail around the garden or woodland.

Winter trees
Winter trees in the sunshine

Winter walk

Packed with plants chosen specially for their winter interest, the 'Winter Walk' at the south end of the garden, is filled with the heady scent of witch hazels and daphnes.

Winter flowering heather
Winter flowering heather


The heather beds put on a wonderful winter display from December onwards. Planted in large drifts for more impact, the huge beds of heather burst into colour all winter long and brighten up the shortest days.

snowdrops in the wall garden at Nymans
snowdrops in the wall garden at Nymans


Snowdrops elegantly carpet the lawn in the wall garden from January to March, followed by the lesser-known snowflake. You can spot clutches of the delicate emblem of spring dotted all around the garden.

" Snowdrop, venturous harbinger of spring, and pensive monitor of fleeting years!"
- William Wordsworth


Nymans has a huge variety of conifers in the Pinetum. On clear days, stunning views can be seen from the temple out towards the South Downs in one direction and stretching out over the Weald in the other. 

Chinese witch hazel in January at Sheffield Park
Witch hazel in flower in January

Wild Garden

Many rare and unusual plants grow in the Wild Garden. In winter the scent of witch hazel fills the air and early rhododendrons give a welcome splash of colour. This is a wonderfully informal part of the garden at Nymans. 

Top Garden

The winter borders which line the top garden really pack a punch. Daphnes, witch hazels and Chimonanthus offer wonderful colours and scents as you walk along.


The main lawn is one of the best places for views. Spectacular ruins and the 'Toblerone' yew hedge face you on one side and on the other you have the South Downs rolling out out before you. Chanctonbury Ring can be seen perched on the Downs through the trees to the south-west. 

Admire the topiary yew hedges at Nymans
Topiary yew hedge at Nymans, Sussex


Throughout the garden there are examples of both formal and informal topiary. From the yew globes around the fountain in the Wall Garden, to the chickens on the terrace in front of the house, there's no better time to appreciate them than when they're looking crisp and neat and covered in frost.


The bamboo jungle looks great in all seasons, with colourful canes and evergreen foliage. The boardwalk is made from Nymans' own wood and makes the jungle accessible for everyone, all year round as well as  being a great place to play hide and seek.