Sharing our learning

View of mill at Quarry Bank

Since 2015 the Quarry Bank Project has transformed your experience when you visit.

We’ve restored the upper garden, Quarry Bank House, and a worker’s cottage and created new facilities, a new mill experience, and changed the way we develop exhibitions and events.

Behind these achievements there has been a lot of planning and development. Over the years the team at Quarry Bank have learnt a lot. One of the main aims now is to share this knowledge, best practice and top tips.

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Mill workers at Quarry Bank

Unlocking the stories in the archive 

To bring the stories of Quarry Bank to life we had to first unlock them from our archive. From rent books and apprentice indentures to family letters, technical drawings, business papers, sketch books, photographs and portraiture, the archive has a wealth of information on the people who lived and worked here. Hear Alkestis Tsilika, Archive and Collections Manager, talk about the work that the team has done to better understand the contents of the archive and how the discoveries have helped to shape what you see during your visit.

Child enjoying the Worst Jobs Exhibition

Telling our stories: exhibitions and events 

Hear from Suzanne Bowling, Programming Officer, to see how the team use the varied stories in the archive to inspire the temporary exhibitions and events at Quarry Bank. Discover how the team have branched out to work with partners and creative specialists and hear the top tips for delivering ambitious plans.

New permanent exhibition in the Styal Village Hub

Presenting our stories 

Not only has the project enabled the conservation and opening of Quarry Bank House, the Worker’s Cottage and Village Hub but it has allowed the team to think of exciting ways to bring the story to life in these spaces. Listen to Katie Taylor, Regional Curator, talk about the process behind opening Quarry Bank House and the village properties.

Visitors enjoying the view from the drawing room window in Quarry Bank House

Delivering the experience 

Staff and volunteers are at the heart of the offer at Quarry Bank. Thanks to the project there have been even more opportunities to get involved. Hear Jen Birch, Volunteer and Community Involvement Manager, talk about bringing teams with you during a project, change and training to create a team equipped to provide an excellent experience for visitors.

Children sit outside Quarry Bank

Inspiring Children  

Quarry Bank welcomes around 30,000 school children each year. Find out about the formal learning opportunities and hear the plans to improve the outdoor offer from our Formal Learning Officer, Julie Pugh.