Spring gardens at Quarry Bank

Visitors in the spring gardens at Quarry Bank

From the picturesque riverside gardens which twist and turn down to the valley bottom, to the walled garden with its historic glasshouses and orchards fluttering with apple blossom - Quarry Bank is bursting into spring.

Spring highlights at Quarry Bank

Daffodils on the mill meadow at Quarry Bank


Early spring will see the gardens awash with daffodils - they're everywhere! One of the first signs of spring, there are over 12 different varieties of daffodil at Quarry Bank, including the 'Narcissus cyclamineus' with it's distinctive long trumpet, native to North West Portugal and Spain. There's also the short stemmed 'Lent Lily' daffodil, with its pale yellow petals, known as one of the most abundant wild flowers in the English countryside.

Visitors in the gardens at Quarry Bank


Tulips are amongst the most popular of bulbs, valued for their brilliant flower colours and shapes. Keep an eye out for them as you explore the garden, how many different varieties can you spot?

Apple blossom at Quarry Bank

Apple blossom

A symbol of spring - blossom! Trees will be bursting into blossom all across the site this season. Bees love the nectar, watch them as they move from flower to flower, the air alive with the sound of their buzzing!

Visitors smelling the spring blooms in quarry banks gardens

Fresh herbs and fragrant florals

During spring time the gardens are also fragrant with the scent of fresh herbs and fragrant florals. Take a gentle stroll through the walled gardens and take in the scents of the season.

Visitors in the gardens ta quarry bank next to the giant gunnera leaves

Giant gunnera

The huge leaves of this giant gunnera plant are always a showstopper. They also make great umbrellas to shelter under on drizzly days, so you can enjoy the gardens come rain or shine!

Grapes in the glasshouse at Quarry Bank

The glasshouse

Peep through the windows of the glasshouse to see bunches of grapes ripening as they hang under the twinkling panes. From here you can also walk through to the potting sheds for a window into the world of the gardeners who once worked here.

vistors in the apprentice hosue kitchen garden

Fresh veggies and seasonal produce

Pop by the walled garden to see rows of vegetables snug in their beds. Once ready for harvest, it's walked down to the restaurant kitchens or popped onto the donations table in the upper garden for visitors to take home for their own recipes.

The heritage rhododendrons at Quarry Bank

Standby for the rhododendrons!

Don't miss the budding rhododendrons as they prepare to put on their greatest show - usually from around June time, but they can surprise us much earlier depending on weather conditions! The heritage rhododendrons are a real showstopper, lining the banks of the river as it flows through the valley. Head to the garden bridges for some of the best photo opportunities!