The Apprentice House

Image of Apprentice House at Quarry Bank

The Apprentice House was home to hundreds of child mill workers from the 1790s through to the 1840s. You can experience their world on a guided tour of the house, where interpreters will give you a flavour of what life was really like for the children of Quarry Bank. Find out more about access in the Apprentice House below.

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The entrance to the Apprentice House is through the garden, which has compacted gravel path throughout. There are some slopes throughout the garden, of maximum 7% gradient. Access to the Apprentice House is by guided tour only; tickets for these can be booked at Visitor Reception. Due to the narrow spaces in the Apprentice House, power wheelchairs and power mobility vehicles are not permitted.

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The tour guide will ring a bell to announce the start of the tour, for access to the Apprentice House; you pass through a gate into a cobbled yard. The team are available to help if required.

View of the Apprentice House entrance and courtyard

The entrance door to the Apprentice House is at the side of the house. There is a small step into the first room, but staff can arrange for a ramp if required. The door is manually opened by a member of staff. The ground floor of the Apprentice House has a stone floor and the first floor has wooden floorboards.

The kitchen in the Apprentice House

The lighting in the Apprentice House is deliberately limited to provide authenticity; it is largely lit by natural lighting from the windows.

Image showing the steepness of the stairs in the Apprentice House

To reach the first floor you'll need to climb a short, steep, narrow set of stairs [include number of stairs] into the dormitory. There is no lift in the Apprentice House. There are three steps leading down from the dormitory to the treatment room. To return to the ground floor there is another flight of steep stairs [include number of stairs], which are tiered.

The multi-purpose room in the Apprentice House that was used for meals and lessons for the Apprentice House

There are low benches available in the schoolroom, treatment room and houseplace. You can also sit on the small, low beds in the dormitory on the first floor. There are a few chairs available in the kitchen. If you're not able to access the first floor, your Apprentice House guide can provide you with a photobook and additional information about the rest of the house.