Where to eat

Visitors enjoying the mill café

There are three places to eat at Quarry Bank: the mill café, the garden café and Stables Ice Cream Parlour. See below for information about access in these venues.

The mill café

  • The mill café serves hot and cold food and a range of drinks and snacks
  • The mill café is approximately 40m from the cobbled mill yard down a sloped flagstone path to the level café entrance. 
  • There are two sets of doors into the café. Members of staff are available to assist with the doors. 
  • The floor of the mill café is stone. The counter is 92cm high; staff can assist you with getting food from the counter. If you have difficulty queueing, you can take a seat and let a member of the team know so they can take your order 
  • Toilet facilities, including a family toilet and accessible toilet, are opposite the mill café in the mill yard
  • There's an accessible toilet on the first floor of the function block, which is only available if you're attending a function or using café overflow facilities. This toilet is accessed by a lift or a flight of stairs. The lift cabin is 1.3m wide by 1.5m deep. 
  • The accessible toilet is 1.5m wide and 2m in length. The toilet also contains baby-changing facilities. 

Stables Ice Cream Parlour

Stables Ice Cream Parlour is in the mill yard and serves ice cream, hot drinks, sandwiches, crisps and snacks. There's a 15cm step up from the mill yard into the ice cream parlour. The counter height is 90cm. Seating is immediately outside in the mill yard.

The garden café

The garden café is in the upper garden, approximately 300m from Visitor Reception. To get there follow a flat compacted gravel path then go down a 20m slope of 8%. The café has glass walls and doors. The serving area and most of the seating area is lit by LED lamps, but there's plenty of natural light coming in through the glass walls. The counter is 89cm high.