Summer crafts at Smallhythe Place

Arts and crafts for the garden

This summer we’re getting crafty with a series of up-cycling activities in the garden. Inspired by sustainable art and the environment at Smallhythe Place, we will be using everyday items such as jars, tins and cardboard boxes and transforming them into quirky containers and decorative home accessories.

Did you know that 60% of the UK’s waste that ends up in landfill could be recycled? Not only that, but if you think outside the box and put your creative hat on, you can actually upcycle it too. Upcycling is when you take a discarded item, such as an empty jam jar, and use it to create something different and more interesting.

In support of sustainability and environmental conservation, both at Smallhythe Place and beyond, we invite visitors to join the upcycling revolution and get involved with weekly craft activities this summer. We will use different materials to create attractive home embellishments such as candle holders, plant pots, stationery organisers, and more. If you have upcycling ideas of your own then let us know too.

This will take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons between 2-4.30pm, 20 July - 1 September, and costs £3 per person.