Explore the outdoors at Speke Hall

Child on the stepping stones at Speke Hall's woodland play trail

There is no shortage of adventure at Speke Hall, whatever the season! Have you ever played the carrots? Scaled the roof of a Tudor building? Made your own woodland den? There's so much to explore it may take more than one visit!

Here are a just a few activities that are all FREE to enjoy once you're on site. Normal grounds admission does apply but don't forget, entry is always free for National Trust members and children under 5.

The Hedge Maze

Will you find your way out of the hedge maze? This was designed by the world’s leading expert in maze construction, Adrian Fisher and has 12 gates, 5 bridges, 4 finger mazes, 3 weather vanes and a viewing platform. It's a-maze-ing! The gates can be opened in two different directions so the maze route is regularly changed to offer a new challenge for intrepid explorers. The view of the River Mersey from the platform is a rewarding surprise and a great resting post for parents.

The Play Area

A safe haven for young children to play and climb while parents and carers enjoy a rest and snack on the picnic tables overlooking the gated play area.

The Giant Childe of Hale Play Trail:

The adventure doesn’t end there. Why not investigate the Giant Childe of Hale Play Trail? Who might that be you may ask? The sculptured play trail is based on the famous legend of John Middleton who was 9'3" tall! He was said to have slept with his feet sticking out of the windows of his cottage in Hale, near Speke. He must have had very cold feet indeed! Will you find them on the trail, or maybe even hear him snoring? The trail connects the main play area by Home Farm to the woodland trail and is a real interactive wonderland! How many giant buttons will you find? Will you “take a seat to see a crown and find the face that’s upside down”? Play the vegetable patch instruments? Spot the optical illusion? Will you find out if you’re a ‘Baby Giant’ or perhaps a ‘Peasant’?!

This is a real innovative and delightful way to while away the time for children of all ages.

The Woodland Trail

Children can go WILD here! Whatever the weather, in summer sandals or puddle-wading wellington boots, there is something different to do around every corner. Hidden in the magical woodland, at the end of the ‘Giant Childe of Hale Play Trail’ there are lots of exciting challenges including the Zip Line, den building, a hill of stepping stones and outdoor balancing obstacles. Can you make it all the way round? Can you cross the wobbly wooden and chain bridge? Hours of fun and green play wrapped in the wonderful Clough Woodland.

All these activities are waiting for you to enjoy. Why not bring the family to the beautiful outdoor adventureland that is Speke Hall?

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