Family fun at Speke Hall

 Family build a den in the grounds of Speke Hall

There's so much to keep the kids entertained at Speke Hall. Our new woodland trail has been made even bigger and better recently.

Go wild

Explore and enjoy the woods with some great outdoor activities: try the zip wire, jump across the Giant's Causeway and build your very own den.

Children's play area

Enjoy yourself on the slides, climbing frames, balance beams and other fun things in our new and improved outdoor play area.

Solve the maze

Our amaze-ing hedge maze is growing bigger every year and the routes and gates change all the time, meaning it's a real puzzle to solve. Can you find your way to the final platform?

Family tracker packs

Explore and enjoy the outdoors with one of our family tracker packs. Use binoculars and magnifying glasses to discover hidden objects in the gardens, play great family games and have lots of fun.

Servant style

There are fun Victorian dressing-up clothes for boys and girls in the dairy. Do you suit a flat cap or mob cap best?

Metal Mickey's mystery

Help Metal Mickey solve the secrets of Speke with our new children's quiz. Can you solve the riddles and find out all the answers?

Cue up

Everyone's welcome to have a go at playing on our newly restored billiard table. There are special cues for kids and a box to stand on if you can't reach the table.

Tudors and Victorians

There aren't many buildings that look Tudor from the outside and Victorian from the inside. Come and discover lots of fun facts about the house and the people who lived here including William Norris and his 19 children.