In Bloom This Month

Walkers in the grounds of Speke Hall

The gardens have taken an autumnal turn but there's still plenty of colour to discover.

Herbaceous Border

This border runs along the edge of the main path from Home Farm to the hall and is still a riot of colour. 

South Lawn & Rose Garden

The Fringe Tree (chionanthus virginicus) flowers infrequently but it's looking glorious this year! You can spot it on the island beds on the South Lawn, along with a range of other Victorian-inspired planting.

Some roses are still in bloom in the Rose Garden so take a stroll around the paths and see which varieties you can spot.

Moat Garden

This area is mostly known for its history and the mighty Holm Oak but there are some interesting plants to discover, including the smoke bush, acanthus spinosus (or bear's breeches!), and the striking yellow common loosestrife. As you’re heading under the Moat Bridge, look out for the Japanese quince and the Royal fern 'ozmonda regalis'.

Secret Garden

Explore this magical, hidden oasis in the grounds of Speke Hall. Accessible via a narrow enticing tunnel at one end and a winding path at the other, it can be found just off the North Lawn and is the ideal place for a quiet walk and moment of contemplation. The Secret Garden was newly restored in 2017 thanks to generous donations from the Alan Evans Memorial Trust, Crosby National Trust Association, Oldham and District National Trust Association and the Chester and District National Trust Association.

Plants to look out for are the Chilean lantern bush which has striking red flowers, the candelabra primula and the rare (and previously thought to be extinct) Wollemi pine or dinosaur tree.

Find the tunnel to discover the Secret Garden
The Secret Garden at Speke Hall
Find the tunnel to discover the Secret Garden

North Lawn

The North Lawn is the ideal spot for striking views of the front of the hall, or for enjoying a picnic surrounded by Victorian planting.

Kitchen Garden

We're coming to the end of our growing season in the Kitchen Garden but plenty of veg is still growing and things are looking good! Wander round and see what's growing well. If you’re visiting Speke on a Wednesday or Friday, pop in and see the volunteer team for a chat and some tips, or pick up a plant from their stall.

The Bund & Coastal Reserve

Pick up the Bund path down at Home Farm, opposite the maze, and enjoy some fantastic views of the Mersey and airport as you stroll. Look out for wildflowers and some brave plants thriving up there.

If you’re taking the Coastal Reserve path then the start of that walk is a good place to spot a whole range of wildflowers and the insects and birds that enjoy them.