Mini Makers at Speke Hall

A child colouring in

Looking for fun craft activities that the whole family can get stuck into? We're bringing Speke Hall's much-loved Mini Makers event online with plenty of fun activities and ideas for your little ones to enjoy at home.

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Mini Makers rainbow craft

Make a rainbow cloud

How about creating something colourful to hang in your window to spread joy to your neighbours? This cloud and rainbow craft activity is lots of fun and easy to complete. All you'll need is some scissors, paper, crayons/coloured paper, string/sellotape, glue and cotton wool.

A paper daffodil craft

Make a daffodil

Daffodils are one of our favourite spring flowers. Celebrate this colourful sign of spring with your little ones by having a go at making your own very paper daffodil to plant in the garden or brighten up your home. To make this craft, you'll need some coloured paper, crayons, glue, sellotape and a lollipop stick.

Ladybird craft amongst daffodils at Speke Hall

Make a ladybird

Create a colourful ladybird friend to join your little ones on a nature adventure into the world of mini beasts and busy bugs. This craft is super easy to make too. All you will need is card or paper (black, white and red), a glue stick and a grown up who can use a pair of scissors.

A magic wand craft by Speke Hall's Mini Makers

Make a magic wand

There's always plenty of magic to see in nature, from blooming flowers to bustling wildlife. Get ready to make your own magic as a family with this fun and colourful magic wand. To make this, you'll need some thick card, coloured paper, crayons, glue, sellotape and a stick.