Caring for nature and wildlife at Speke Hall

A bee resting on an allium at Speke Hall

Speke Hall is home to a whole world of precious flora and fauna. Discover how we're helping nature at this special place and learn how you can help nature yourself at home.

There's plenty of ways you can 'Speke' for nature. Explore below to find out how your support helps us to care for nature at Speke Hall and discover new things you can try at home in your garden or local area.

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Flora and fauna you'll find here

What we're doing
Colour in the wildflower meadow

Planting trees and wildflowers

We're breathing new life into the orchard by planting a new wildflower meadow amongst the fruit trees in the style of a traditional English orchard. This will further meet our target to increase priority habitats at Speke. We're also planting more wildflowers as well as trees and bulbs across the estate to diversify our habitats even more, making Speke a great place to live for all wildlife.

Father and daughter looking from a bridge through binoculars for wildlife

Wildlife counts and surveys

While it's not hard to spot Speke's bustling wildlife, we want to know exactly what species live here and how many there are. By carrying out counts and surveys of everything from wildflowers to birds, we'll be able to paint a clearer picture of how well nature is thriving here and whether any of these species might need a helping hand from us. Spot any interesting wildlife while you're here? Tell us!

Bird box at The Firs

Introducing more wildlife homes

We all deserve somewhere comfortable to live. So that Speke's wildlife have more places to sleep and rest, we're adding even more 'homes' across the estate for the birds, bats and bugs that live here. They'll be safe and secure, giving these species the best chance possible to thrive at Speke.

Things you can do at home

Activities for young nature explorers

A couple walking in the grounds of Speke Hall

Explore the gardens 

This spring, discover new blooms and celebrate the lighter days as you explore the gardens at Speke Hall. There are plenty of places to relax and marvel at the sights of spring.