Explore the garden and estate at Speke Hall

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The garden and estate at Speke Hall is filled with colour and history, as well as spots to relax and feel close to nature. There's always something new to discover as you explore one of the best places to go for a walk in Liverpool and the North West.

The rose garden at Speke Hall bursts to life in July

Rose Garden

In the corner of the South Lawn, you'll find the Victorian formal rose garden. In July and August, it's awash with the floribunda variety of rose, which was popular in Victorian times and enjoyed by Speke Hall’s last owner Adelaide Watt. The Margaret Meryl white roses have the strongest fragrance, while the peachy Amber Queen, Tickled Pink and iridescent Pearl Drift roses add plenty of colour.

The North Lawn at Speke Hall

North Lawn

The North Lawn is the ideal spot for striking views of the front of the hall and exploring the paths around the old moat, surrounded by lush topiary that has been shaped to perfection by our garden team. Take a seat on one of the benches and soak it all in. It's a perfect spot for picnics and sunbathing. If you're feeling adventurous, head down the path along the west side of the house to spot interesting trees including a paperbark maple and a metasequia glyptstroboides - a rare tree with distinctive bark, once thought to be extinct.

Bluebells carpet the woodland to the West of the house at Speke Hall, Merseyside

Stockton's Wood and the Clough

For a relaxing woodland walk, go to the corner of the South Lawn to enter the Clough. Look out for Speke's bustling birdlife as you go around and notice the Bund towering over you, sheltering you from the sea breeze coming in off the Mersey and helping to create the micro-climate that makes Speke's gardens special. On the wider estate, venture into Stockton's Wood to discover a semi-ancient woodland filled with wildlife and secrets. Did you know this woodland was used by the American military during World War II to hide aircraft from spying German planes?

A view from the Bund at Speke Hall

The Bund and Coastal Reserve

Head towards the river from Home Farm and you'll find the Bund path, which you can climb up to enjoy a birds-eye view of Speke Hall, the River Mersey and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Take a seat on one of the benches to enjoy a picnic, watch bustling birdlife and spot planes flying over your head.

For more adventurous types, the Coastal Reserve path takes you onto the Speke Garston Coastal Reserve, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest filled with wildlife and aviation history. Walk along the old airport runway or go down to the shoreline to dip your toe into the Mersey and watch the varied birdlife.

Discover the floral delights of the South Lawn

South Lawn

Walk in the footsteps of Speke Hall's 19th century residents as you stroll around the peaceful South Lawn. Admire the Victorian rose garden at the foot of the oldest wing of the house. Tall topiary line the paths and giant monkey puzzle trees tower over the manicured lawn.

The white Victorian style greenhouse in the Kitchen Garden, with beds filled with vegetables and fruits growing behind it.

Kitchen Garden

Step into the Kitchen Garden to see what produce is popping out of the soil. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, most of what's grown here ends up in the dishes we serve in the restaurant. See what's in season and don't forget to peek into the glass house to see what's growing inside. The herbaceous border outside the Kitchen Garden is always full of interest.

The Secret Garden at Speke Hall

Secret Garden

This hidden oasis in the north west corner of Speke Hall's grounds is a magical place, accessible via a narrow enticing tunnel at one end and a winding path at the other. The gentle stream running through it makes the Secret Garden a haven for some of Speke's wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled for frogs and birds. One of the highlights here is a rare (and previously thought to be extinct) Wollemi pine or 'dinosaur tree', a species which was in the news in late 2019 when the small area where the tree originates from in Australia was threatened by devastating bushfires.

The Secret Garden was newly restored in 2017 thanks to generous donations from the Alan Evans Memorial Trust, Crosby National Trust Association, Oldham and District National Trust Association and the Chester and District National Trust Association.

Gardener working in the Kitchen Garden at Speke Hall

Thank you

Your support helps Speke Hall's garden to grow. Every time you visit and every penny you spend while you're here gives our garden team and volunteers the support they need to care for this special place.