Waking up the House

All of the contents of the hall been safely tucked up over the winter but from 13 February the dust covers are being shaken off and the doors will reopen.

Roll up your sleeves at our Waking Up The House event over half term and help us clean the china, or pick up some cleaning tips from our conservation team. It's a great chance to learn more about how we care for the hall and its contents over the winter months or just to ask any cleaning questions that you may have. (Sorry, but they can't come and clean your house when they've finished this one!).

Little ones can discover how much (or little) housekeeping has changed since Victorian times with The Adventures of Violet and Sarah trail and everyone can admire the brand new carpet in the Morning Room. It's an exact replica of the old one, carefully woven for us by Linney Cooper, and it's beautiful!

The rest of the site reopens from 13 February too. You can pick up a treat in the restaurant or shop, or enjoy an early spring walk around the grounds and gardens. Wellies are recommended: some of the paths are still a bit squelchy!

You can find the details of our opening times and dates here or further info about Waking Up The House here.