Untold Tales Chapter One: Seduction & Decay

Unlock the secrets of Speke, including the truth behind Liverpool’s most famous ghost story, revealing the Beauclerk family and their scandalous past.

A painting of Speke Hall's West Range

Discover the truth behind Liverpool’s most famous ghost story and beyond…

This year Speke Hall will be revealing chapters from its hidden history. This started with the tale of ‘worthless Sidney’ and his heiress bride, Mary Norris and now, moving into June and July, we'll be focusing on two different but equally fascinating characters - the original Lady Di and ‘that notorious dope fiend' Topham Beauclerk.

Step inside the hall Wednesday-Sunday to discover an exhibition and installations that explore this fascinating period of Speke's history.

The pages of history will be turned back with a series of exquisite paper sculptures capturing the Georgian style and fascinating characters from a time forgotten. Learn more about Georgian aristocracy, love, romance and divorce, as well as a romance that scandalised high society.

Chapter Two: Wealth & Wiles will follow in the autumn and will explore the intriguing rags to riches story of Richard Watt who rose from poverty and made such a fortune that he was able to purchase the Hall from the Beauclerk family.