Celebrate summer with us at Standen 'Flower Power' style

Flower Power at Standen

See Standen in a new way this summer, through star shaped sunglasses. Take a trip back to 1972, the year that Standen was gifted to the National Trust, with our summer programme, 'Flower Power'. From Saturday 4 June until Sunday 30 October: 10am – 5pm.

The Arts and Crafts in the 70s

To mark the 50-year anniversary of being in the care of the National Trust, Standen is paying homage to this era, with a snapshot of life in the 70s. Muse on how life was enjoyed by families in 1972, against the backdrop of their trendy Morris & Co designed walls and textiles.  

Standen is known for its Arts & Crafts collection and house, decorated with beautiful William Morris wallpapers. It was a happy coincidence that, at the time the Trust was gifted Standen, there was a resurgence of interest in the design style of William Morris, which had been recoloured and developed for the 70s era. It was at the height of its revival in popularity in the 70s.  


See behind the scenes

Take a tour of the 70s Flower Power programme at Standen, in this new video, with Experiences Manager Lauren Milsom. See eye catching patterns by William Morris and Arts and Crafts movement - and some classic 70s memorabilia.

Dobbin the hobbyhorse dressed for the 1970s
Dobbin dressed for 1970s
Dobbin the hobbyhorse dressed for the 1970s

​Summer highlights 

  • 1970s inspired room set in the house at Standen, created by Morris & Co Group, featuring the Sanderson Triad collection. 
  • A contemporary design space by Morris & Co with textile designers talking about how Morris designs inspire them today. 
  • The dining room set for a fondue party. 
  • Play fuzzy felts on the billiard table.
  • Try out 70s clothes  
  • Take photos at the selfie station  
  • Listen to retro live music every Sunday in July and August on the terrace. 

70s memories

Uncover memories and see how flower power evolved from a political movement in the 60s to an aesthetic in the 70s via pop and culture, becoming assimilated into mainstream fashion and home décor. Play 1970s games in the billiard room. If you remember fuzzy felt, then you’ll have free rein to delve in and create designs on the billiard table. The dining room table is set for a fondue party, and you’ll see preparations for a 1970s dinner party in the kitchen. In each room you will find something to remind you of the 70s.  

70s Fashion

Upstairs we’ll be looking at 1970s fashion. Try out clothes from the 70s at the selfie station and in the bedrooms glimpse the books we were reading, holidays we were planning, the toiletries we used and the music we listened to (and how).  

Flower Power at Standen with this Morris & Co designed set.
Flower Power at Standen
Flower Power at Standen with this Morris & Co designed set.

Sanderson Design Group 

Standen will be working in partnership with Sanderson Design Group (part of Morris & Co) who will recreate a 1970s room set, especially for Standen. The ground-breaking William Morris Triad collection was launched in the 70s giving home decorators a chance to match their wallpaper with fabrics and companion papers – a first in home design.  

Finally, demonstrating the enduring appeal of William Morris through the decades, you will also find a separate contemporary designed space by Sanderson.   Recorded interviews with contemporary textile designers explain how William Morris’ legacy is a source of inspiration to this day. 

Music on a Sunday afternoon in July & August

Outside every Sunday from July through August we’ll have retro bands playing music from the era on the terrace. Deckchairs are provided and you can sit back in the sun listening to the sounds of the 70s with family and friends. Sample the 1970’s menu available from the café too and the retro home accessories ranges in our shop.