Conservation at Standen

Standen's kitchen

With your ongoing support we're able to continue our conservation work because every time you visit, buy a raffle ticket or pick-up a book in the second hand bookshop, you're helping us to do a little bit more, so thank you.

The Morning Room at Standen
Standen Morning Room
The Morning Room at Standen

Conservation in the House

Since 1894, generations of housemaids have looked after Standen. The Beale family would have employed an army of servants, today we have a much smaller team of staff  and volunteers who care for the house and collection.

We used to put the house to bed at the end of October and a deep clean and condition check would take place over the winter. Today we carry out conservation all year round.

Conservation in the Garden and Estate

From yearly coppicing and land management to a five year project to restore the gardens at Standen, our team of gardeners and rangers have been restoring the garden and estate to its original glory. 

" We’ve been restoring the woodlands at Standen to traditional coppice management, which has in turn made the bluebells flourish. It’s wonderful to see that an increasing number are flowering each year. "
- James Masters, Head Gardener at Standen

Special Places Raffle

Billiard Room W.A.S. Benson lights

We’re lucky enough to have a number of lamps by renowned and celebrated Arts & Crafts metalwork designer maker, W.A.S. Benson. The house at Standen was installed with electricity from the start and designed to be lit by it – one of the earliest houses to do this. The bulbs in the lamps around the house are replicas of the original carbon filament ones and give the same soothing light as that of when the Beale family lived here.

The Billiard Room at Standen
Billiard Room at Standen
The Billiard Room at Standen

This year we’re raising money to clean and protect the Billiard Room table lights as over time the copper and brass has tarnished and we want to restore its original shine. The lights will be removed to be taken to a Conservator for cleaning. Once cleaned, a removable clear lacquer will be applied to keep the metal looking its best for longer which will avoid the need for future abrasive cleaning.

With the new runners installed in the room in 2017 (thanks to the support of the raffle in 2015) and the restoration of the original cream paint scheme due in January 2019, this will be the icing on the cake to this impressive yet homely room.  

The Farm Track

The Farm Track’s an ancient route leading through the centre of the garden connecting the old farm with Hollybush Wood, Stone Farm and Standen Rocks.

We're fundraising to restore the farm track at Standen
Farm Track at Standen
We're fundraising to restore the farm track at Standen

Farming heritage was very important to James and Margaret Beale which is why they decided to keep the track where it was even though it was in full view of the house. Over time, the original track has become overgrown and much of the original planting has been lost or  become overgrown

During 2018 we will be working to restore the Track; to rescue the important plants, improve access for all and to make once again a feature of this prominent area. On completion of this work, we will return this area to its historic name of Sandy Lane.

Did you know...

Special Places Raffle

For every Special Places Raffle ticket sold at Standen, the National Trust will give an extra £1 for our conservation work and the ticket holder could win great cash prizes.

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