Dogs at Sticklebarn and The Langdales

A dog by the fire at Sticklebarn in Langdale Cumbria

We know that there is no better companion for a walk than your dog and The Langdales are the perfect place to explore, on four legs or two.

Well-behaved dogs are more than welcome at Sticklebarn, even muddy ones. We have dog towels, water bowls and doggy treats a plenty so everyone in your party can relax. 

Some handy hints and tips for a hassle-free dog walk in the area:

  • Don't let your dog chase wildlife or farm animals
  • Keep your dog in sight and under control - use a lead if requested
  • Watch out for local notices. There may be restrictions in woodland or farmland at sensitive times of year, such as during the lambing season
  • Please always pick up after your dog
Two women walk their dog on a lead at Tarn Hows

Follow the Countryside Code 

Please follow the Countryside Code when you visit the Lake District. By taking your litter home with you, keeping your dog under control, keeping gates, driveways and roads clear and sticking to designated footpaths, you can help us care for the Lake District and the wildlife and people who call it home.