Feeding the birds in The Langdales

Ranger standing infront of Stickle Ghyll Bird Feeding Station

Langdale is home to many different bird species. As well as common species like blue tits, great tits and blackbirds, other less well-known species like goldfinches, treecreepers, long-tailed tits and great spotted woodpeckers have all been seen in the area over the last few years.

A helping hand

We decided to build a bird-feeding station at Stickle Ghyll. We're hoping it will not only help to sustain the local bird population, but also provide visitors with the opportunity to see a variety of wild birds close up as they head off on their walks.

Out with the old

After much consideration we decided to clear a small section of land next to the footpath leading up Stickle Ghyll.

It’s a great spot as it’s a quiet little corner, but it’s also close to Sticklebarn and lots of people pass by it on their way up onto the fells.

In with the new

First, the old fence had to be taken down and replaced with a 6ft hand-made hazel fence. We chose this type of fence because it blends in better than a solid garden fence would.

We knocked 8ft posts into the ground to help support the hazel fence and then nailed rails to the posts to help strengthen it.

Viewing holes

Once the hazel panels were securely fastened to the fence framework we then cut viewing holes at different heights, to make sure people of different heights and age ranges could get a good view of our feathered friends.

The finishing touches

The final job was to knock in two long wooden posts between which we could connect a chain. This gave us something to hang the feeders on.

Once all the feeders were hung, we filled them up and waited for our first visitor. Happily a blue tit arrived almost immediately as the last feeder went up.

Time for a feast

We are using three different types of feeder, filled with suet balls, seed mix or peanuts; this offers a variety of food types for different bird species.

Most days the bird station is hopping with activity, so we can be pretty sure that the birds are happy with what’s on offer.

If you're in Langdale and you've got a few spare minutes, why not drop in to Stickle Ghyll car park and see what you can see?