Reflecting on Great British Bake Off's dessert week

Salted caramel mousse

We’re now quite well acquainted with the bakers by week four and I’m really enjoying the creative lengths they’re going to in order to impress the judges.

Desserts are one of my main priorities at Sticklebarn and so this was always going to be an interesting episode for me to bake along to! This week sees the bakers creating a menagerie of tasty treats. My contribution was a trio of desserts posted on my Instagram page; Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse and our brand new Damson Bakewell. 

The Signature Challenge, a roulade, had very prominent themes coming from traditional recipes and exotic holiday flavour combinations. I’m sure everyone can relate to these aspects of baking inspiration.
Second: Technical challenge, blancmange! I’ve never made one myself but I have fond memories of being awe-inspired by such recipes in a vintage cookbook of my mum’s - It was called The Dairy Book of Family Cookery and it was full of bright and colourful images to inspire. Some of the first cakes and sweet treats I made were from this recipe book and it’s definitely in my top 10. 

The Showstopper challenge tested the nerves of all the bakers. Chocolate is such a tricky substance to work with and I’m really impressed at their creativity in this area. Flavours were rich, including decadent Opera Cake and classic chocolate, orange and raspberry pairings. 

I’m hugely looking forward to Spice Week next time, where the teaser trailer hints at a favourite of mine… Gingerbread! 

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If you want to have a go at making the chocolate and salted caramel mousse that’s produced at Sticklebarn, follow the recipe link below.