Things to do on wet days in Langdale

We have to be truthful, sometime it rains a little bit in Langdale and sometimes it rains a lot. But don’t be put off from a day out in the valley because actually some things are even better on a wet day. So get your waterproofs on and head out, whatever the weather throws at you.


There are two sets of waterfalls that can be a great wet-day walk from Stickle Ghyll car park; both are much more dramatic and interesting when it’s raining.

Stickle Ghyll Falls are a series of waterfalls alongside the steep path that goes all the way up to Stickle Tarn. The largest cascade is best viewed from the wooden bridge, about a ten minute walk up the Ghyll from the car park. The bridge is newly installed and straddles our hydro-electric scheme that was built in 2014.  You can continue to follow Stickle Ghyll all the way up the valley side to the tarn with plenty of excuses to take a breather and wonder at the dramatic waterfalls and rock pools that cut into mountainside along the way.

Dungeon Ghyll Force is easily accessible from the Stickle Ghyll carpark, this 40ft single drop waterfall is impressive any day, but during or after rainfall it’s a real treat. This site has provided inspiration to poets and outdoor enthusiasts for centuries, including William Wordsworth who wrote about it in his poem The Idle Shepherd Boys.

" It was a spot which you may see If ever you to Langdale go; Into a chasm a mighty block Hath fallen, and made a bridge of rock: The gulf is deep below; And, in a basin black and small, Receives a lofty waterfall"
- William Wordsworth

Discover gorge scrambling

During school holidays you can join a guided gorge scrambling experience from our campsite. Stickle Ghyll is perfect for your first experience of Gorge Scrambling. You’ll be climbing, scrambling, wading and maybe even jumping your way up a mountain river. It’s physical, exciting and perfect for damp days.

Fun family movies

One of Langdale’s biggest secrets is we have our very own wet day cinema, it’s an ad-hoc thing, organised according to the weather. Basically if it’s a Saturday, or it’s the school holidays and it’s raining then we will be showing a family favourite at 4pm. The films are free to watch, so you can make the most of it and settle in for popcorn, board games and family films.

Go on, you’ve earnt it 

Renowned historian and former Langdale resident, George Trevellyan, once said that everything is worth twice its value after a walk, and we are inclined to agree with him, especially on a wet day! So when you come in to Sticklebarn after a wet day on the fells, hang up your drippy kit and cozy up by the fire with a good book and a hot chocolate, you can feel rightly deserving and doubly smug because you’ve earnt it.