Spring at Stowe

Move out of the way winter and put a spring in your step with bright days reflecting rays across the glittering lakes, the chatter of birdsong filling the air and crisp breezes that take your breath away on refreshing walks in the gardens.

Seasonal highights

Stowe comes to life in spring, from the thousands of bulbs shooting through to bloom to the countless young animals being born, there's lots to enjoy on a spring saunter in the gardens. It's the season to be brave and throw aside the winter coat and embrace April showers - no matter what month it is. We're open daily from 10am-5pm, or find a moment such as Mother's Day or Easter to make time for sharing the season with family. 

Spring colour

Over the past two years we've hosted the Big Bulb Pant event. All together, a whopping 338,200 bulbs were planted  - some of which now can be enjoyed.

Here are just a few spring blooms to encourage your curiousity and look out for:

  • As you stroll down the historic entrance to the gardens, look to the outer paths for a new meadow of bluebells. The best ones can be found in the dell opposite the Sleeping Wood

  • Scilla bloom up by the Grotto within the Elysian Fields, famously designed by artist, architect and landscape gardener William Kent

  • Turk’s Head Tulips are an eighteenth-century spring bulb and can be found by the Temple of Concord and Victory

  • Old varieties of daffodils look splendid between Grenville’s Column and Stowe House

  • Discover Wood and Blue anemones in the Sleeping Wood

  • Snakeshead fritillaries were added to exisiting spots down Gurnet's Walk by the sleeping wood. This'll make a rare delicate meadow as often this flower pops up in lonely occurances

  • A bright display of Tulips will surround the Chinese House

Purple crocuses

Step into spring

Discover signs of spring with this guide of garden highlights and walk. From Martagon lilies to delicate Turks' head tulips, you'll find them on a warming spring walk at Stowe.

What wildlife could we see?

If you’ve got plenty of time to spare, try a walk in our parkland. With lots of open space to enjoy you may get to see the new arrivals amongst the sheep and long horn cattle. The views within the parkland open up the wider landscape and will surprise you with views you may have never seen before of the temples.

Within the gardens the swans are on the Octagon and Eleven Acre Lakes. If you are lucky you will see last year’s signets with their tiny bit of remaining grey down. Baby animals are full of the joys of spring but are still vulnerable at this stage. Please consider this and enjoy the view from afar.


Spring is...

Relax and refresh body and mind on a blossom spotted walk at Stowe. What does spring mean to you?

A refreshing menu

Welcome in the warmer weather with refreshing main meals in the cafe and scrumptious cakes to rival any Mary Berry recipe. We use seasonal produce and herbs from our Farmhouse Garden to spruce up casseroles and add a zing to tasty treats.

A wide variety of home-grown produce in the Farmhouse Garden at Stowe
A man in chefs uniform bends down amongst growing herbs to select for use in the cafe at Stowe
A wide variety of home-grown produce in the Farmhouse Garden at Stowe

Captured on camera