Autumn 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Sudbury Hall

Family throwing leaves at autumn time, Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

Didn't manage to tick off all your 50 things activities over the summer? Or maybe you've only just started! Here's are Sudbury we've got plenty of opportunities to make some 50 things progress. Explore the outdoors, learn new skills and push yourself to try something new.

Pick up a copy of our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ booklet from visitor reception and see how many activities you can tick off.

Whether it’s at Sudbury Hall or in your own back garden, there’s plenty of inspiration on the 50 things list. We've put together a bit of a list of some of the best ones to do here at Sudbury!

Number 6) Run around in the rain - As we head into the autumn this one shouldn't be an issue, you can always rely on the great British weather to lend us a shower. But instead of running for cover, embrace it! Carry on regardless, run around or do a little dance and just have fun!

Run around in the rain
Visitors with umbrellas in the garden at Bateman's, East Sussex.

Number 10) Play Conkers - You might have noticed that lots of the horse chestnut trees in the UK are suffering with their leaves truing brown and some even dropping their leaves during the summer months. So far Sudbury's Conkers trees have managed to escape and had some fantastic flowers earlier in the year so we're expecting a bumper crop of conkers this year!

Find some conkers
Find some conkers

Number 18) Create some wild art - If you're lucky enough to drop in on a day when we're doing some wild art activites then you can get stuck right in! If not why not try collecting some bits and bobs like interesting shaped leaves or twigs that you can take home to turn into a masterpiece?

Have fun collecting autumn leaves
A stick with autumn leaves threaded on

Number 25) Make a grass trumpet - If you've never tried this before it's guaranteed to make you giggle and all you need it, you've guessed it, a blade of grass!  Find a nice wide blade of grass and hold it between your thumbs gripping the grass with the top and bottom of your thumbs. Blow into the gap between your thumbs, so the air flows over the grass. You should hear a whistling sound. If you don't hear anything, move the blade of grass a little, and try again!

Children using blades of grass as whistles in the garden
 Children using blades of grass as whistles in the garden

Number 33) Catch a falling leaf - Obviously autumn is THE time of year for this one and here at Sudbury we're not short on trees to choose from. Why not try and see how many differnt types you can collect and see the differences in size and shape. Can you identify what types of trees they are from?

Children love to play in fallen leaves
A girls plays in fallen leaves

If you're visiting other National Trust properties make sure you check out the 50 things full activity list to see what else you can do.