Autumn at Sudbury Hall and The National Trust Museum of Childhood

Sudbury Hall with Autumn Leaves

Colder months are settling in but there’s still time to get outside and enjoy the changing colours of autumn. Sudbury may not have the most extensive grounds but we still have some spectacular autumnal displays thanks to our trees.

A misty autumn morning at Sudbury Hall
A misty autumn morning at Sudbury Hall

Autumn Colour

Autumn is one of the most vibrant times in Sudbury's garden colour wise as the trees explode into vibrant shades of orange and gold. We don't have formal gardens as such here at Sudbury but we do have a wide variety of beautiful trees which really come into their own in the Autumn. The winter berries start appearing on the trees providing a vital food source for many birds during the winter, especially when the ground is too frozen to hunt worms or snails, and there are few insects about. 

Sudbury winter berries
red winter berries

Peaceful afternoons

During the summer months, thanks to the lake, Sudbury is a wildlife hotspot but as the birds begin to head off to sunnier climates an atmosphere of calm decends. Here at Sudbury we're lucky enough to get beautiful starling murmurations in the early evening which really are truly spectacular.

Starlings taking to the sky over Sudbury lake
A starling murmuration over Sudbury lake

Fancy a walk?

Why not pick up one of our new village trails from visitor reception and explore what would once have been the beating heart of Sudbury Estate. Follow the trail and see what purpose the buildings would once have had. 

Sudbury Village walking map (PDF / 1.796875MB) download

Explore Sudbury's estate history
village lodge at Sudbury Hall