Easter adventures at Sudbury Hall

alien bunny

This Easter we're back in 1967 to the decade of the space race! Blast off to planet Sudbury for an intergalactic Easter adventure. Help us find all of the cheeky alien bunnies who've been causing mischief around the Garden, and it looks like they're not the only ones!

Children can let their imaginations run wild during the Easter holidays on one of our outdoor trails or in a craft session. There's plenty of opportunity to burn off some spring energy in the outdoor play area too. Step back in time to 1967 in the Hall and see how it may have looked right back in the 60s when it first came into the Trust's care.


Getting up to mischief

The Cat in the Hat was a firm favourite back in the 1960s and he's still just as popular with children today. This spring we're celebrating his 60th birthday with our Dr Seuss inspired outdoor trail 'goose on the loose'! Solve the clues and help us get goose back where she belongs!

Find the clues to complete trail
a little girl filling in a trail sheet

Come along to one of our Cat in the Hat craft sessions and make your very own Cat in the Hat to cause mayhem in your house!

Blast off to planet Sudbury this Easter

The Clangers were first on Television in 1969, now they are back for a new generation to enjoy. They made their comback to our televison screens in 2015 and have proved just as popular now as they were back then. Join one of the craft sessions and make your very own Clanger so you can take them on some new adventures.

Find all of Sudbury's alien visitors
alien bunny

Pick up a trail sheet for £1.50 and follow the clues on Sudbury's space themed Cadburys Easter egg hunt. Complete the trail to claim your Chocolatey Cadburys prize.

Step back in time

At lot has changed over the past 50 years here at Sudbury and this year we're exploring just how much. See the Hall as you've never seen before and learn about the story that makes Sudbury what it is today.

Spring flowers for sale

Add a splash of colour to your garden with some potted spring favourites, lovingly put together by our local suppliers. You'll find them for sale just outside the gift shop.

Spring plants from our local suppliers
Spring plants outside the shop at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire