May Half term adventures at Sudbury Hall

sudbury boat house

This half term we're all about getting outdoors and having fun with 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Come along and explore how Sudbury has changed over time and what childhood means to different generations in the Museum of Childhood.

Need a bit of inspiration on how best to explore Sudbury? Come and see the learning team down in the Boathouse who know all the very best places to get you started. 

Getting started with '50 things'…

It's all about getting back to nature this half term at sudbury and our '50 things' trail is a great way to get started. See how many challenges you can complete around the grounds of Sudbury Hall, below are some of our top picks.

No. 1 Get to know a tree

It might sound a bit funny but how often have you every stopped to really appreciate how amazing trees are? Here at Sudbury we don't have a huge site but we do have a lovely variety of trees, how many different kinds can you spot? Look at their leaves and see how different they all are. A great place to start is the adventure playground - can you spot the 'grafted' tree? Two trees turned into one...

Summer blossoms at Sudbury Hall
looking through the blossoms at the Hall
Summer blossoms at Sudbury Hall

No. 18 Create some wild art

Get crafty in the boathouse at Sudbury this half term

Come and find us down in the Boathouse and join us for some wild art. We've got everything you need to create your very own dragonfly or damselfly, complete with colourful beads and a cheeky smile. You might even spot the real thing down by the lake too! 

The wild art craft activity is drop in so there's no need to book, just come down and see us in the Boathouse. Crafts cost £1 and this is payable on the day. We do advise that you come prepared to get mucky, being a wild artist can be a messy business.

Create your own dragonfly and then see if you can spot the real thing!
A dragonfly craft made from beads and leaves.
Create your own dragonfly and then see if you can spot the real thing!

No. 44 Watch a bird

Hundreds of wild birds call Sudbury lake home, it’s the perfect habitat for our feathered friends to bring up their young. Make sure to look out for goslings but be careful not to get too close! Geese aren't renowned for their social skills...

Explore the Hall
looking up towards sudbury hall, theres some geese to.
Explore the Hall