Spring at Sudbury

bluebells with the hall in the background

In comparison to many National Trust properties we do have a pretty compact site here at Sudbury, but that doesn't mean that we don't have a lot to offer! Look further than the lawns for delicate Spring flowers beneath the trees and bird life around the lake.

Daffodils at Sudbury Hall
Daffodils by the lake with a view of Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

After the chilly Winter months I'd say we're not the only ones looking forward to Spring, even more so this year! Our gardening team here at Sudbury were very busy throughout the Autumn, planting well over 800 fragranced daffodils beneath the trees on the approach to the Hall along with some new varieties.

Look beneath the trees for Spring flowers
spring flowers at Sudbury Hall

We've also added some new flowers into the mix to add an additional splash of colour. Look out for the delicate crocuses with their vivid shades of purple. The subtle snowdrops made an early appearance and for the first time in years there'll be tulips. There will,of course, be the long awaited appearance of seemingly everyone's favourite, the bluebells. 

A busy Autumn will hopefully mean a colourful Spring!
Gardener Sophie planting bulbs back in the Autumn

New Beds!

Since the completion of our extended car park in 2017 we've added additional planting areas along the path between the car park and the Hall. Thanks to the help of regular volunteers, staff and those who joined us for our visiteering day, we've planted a mixture of over three hundred native shrubs and trees. We hope that as they mature they'll make the walk a bit more enjoyable.

Just some of the amazing volunteers who came to help us get ready for Spring opening
Volunteers helping us plant trees and shrubs