Sudbury Hall calls out for children's Covid-19 creations

Chalked rainbow drawing on a pavement with the words 'be kind'

We need your help to capture what life was like for you during the Covid-19 pandemic. Are you part of a family with children during lockdown? Then send in your photos, drawings, artwork, stories and lots more. This way what you did and felt during the Covid-19 pandemic will be recorded for us to look back on and remember this time.

At Sudbury Hall and The Museum of Childhood, we want to ensure children's voices are heard. We would love for you to share your experiences of lockdown with us, which might end up as part of our future exhibitions.

Please can we ask that all your creations are sent in along with a completed consent form that can be found here: Covid-19 Stories permission form (PDF / 0.1162109375MB) download

" It’s been very fun and I hope people join in."
- Lexi, 9

Your Covid-19 creations  

Maybe you weren’t at school and could spend time with your parents or brothers and sisters to get messy at home, making art or getting creative making cool videos and yummy cakes.  Craft and art supplies have been selling out in online shops during lockdown, so a lot of interesting art must have been made by you that shows us how you felt during this time. We’re really interested in collecting your masterpieces, whether you made NHS rainbow artwork, filmed funky dance routines, made scrapbooks or pom-pom sculptures and fairy cakes. 

There are lots of ways to be creative
Painted stones with NHS, thank you and butterflies
There are lots of ways to be creative

Your acts of kindness 

It’s been wonderful to see that lots of communities have come to together under the cloud of Covid-19.  There are many stories of children and grown-ups being extra kind to each other.  We’d love to hear your stories. If you’ve helped make masks for frontline workers, done some fundraising or simply thrown a digital birthday party for a friend then get in touch. You can email us your stories of kindness with some photos.

Enjoying a lockdown birthday
Girl with birthday cake at home
Enjoying a lockdown birthday

A day in your life

If you know how to record a video, we‘d love you to make a video diary during this time. Hearing your voice telling us how you feel and what you got up to, will be great to record for the future. If you’ve got the time, you could record a minute of video diary each day. You can maybe think about some of these questions: What have you done today? How have you felt today? What has been the best thing about your day? We would also like to hear how you have stayed in touch with friends and family and what school is like during this time

Learning from home with your parents can be fun
Sprouting beans in jars as part of homeschooling project
Learning from home with your parents can be fun

Be a Covid-19 Curator

You can also help us document the response to Covid-19 in your local area. Communities are full of people doing wonderful things during this time. When you’re out and about why don’t you take photos and videos of what you see. You could send it along to us in any format you like.  Perhaps you could make a PowerPoint, a video with your voiceover or even a collage poster.  It would be great if you could explain why you chose to take photos of those things and what they mean to you or your community. 

Clapping for key-workers in style
Two girls dressed up outside their house
Clapping for key-workers in style

Get Involved

All of your stories, pictures, videos and recordings can be sent to us at Please include a completed consent form with your wonderful submisions so we can use them, which you can download here: Covid-19 Stories permission form (PDF / 0.1162109375MB) download

Every single person included in photos or film will need to complete a separate consent form, thank you.

If you can’t use the internet, you can post things to us at:
Sudbury Hall and The Museum of Childhood
Main Road
Sudbury, Ashbourne
DE6 5HT  

If you have any questions or would like some help, send us an email to