Weekends at Sudbury with The Lost Boys

Lost Boys outdoor theatre workshops

The summer holidays are over and it can feel like a long time until Christmas. So we’ve decided to make the most of every weekend until we open the hall again by inviting The Lost Boys to join us for some fun at Sudbury!

Ready to be the bravest knight? Up for a spy mission? From knights and pirates workshops to promenade theatre, come and experience something exciting at Sudbury this autumn. Try to be stealthy and quick-witted in the spy games or just sit back and enjoy some family friendly entertainment. The Lost Boys always bring adventure and fantasy, so get ready to join in and laugh along, whatever your age!

Make the most of the weekend together
Family enjoying outdoor theatre
Make the most of the weekend together

Pirate Workshop

15 and 16 September 

35-40 minute workshops throughout the day, 11am-4pm.

Shiver me timbers, a fun participatory workshop where all the family can learn to be pirates. Brush up on your nautical lingo, sing a sea-shanty, swish and swash your buckle with The Lost Boys as they teach you about life on the seven seas and of course... swords.

Medieval Knights Workshop

22 and 23 September

35-40 minute workshops throughout the day, 11am-4pm.

Come and learn the Chivalry Code with The Lost Boys, as they turn you into brave knights fit to defend the realm. Expect games, swords and imaginary horses. A fun workshop for all the family. 

Brothers Grimm Promenade Performance

29 and 30 September, 13 and 14 October

45 minute promenade performance in the grounds at intervals throughout the day.

Can you help Jakob Grimm find his missing Brother Wilhelm? That is the quest in this interactive promenade performance from The Lost Boys. So join Jakob as you try to find his missing Brother, so they can write more fairy tales together. But be careful, who knows what creatures you might meet along the way.


Spy Games Workshop

6 and 7 October

35-40 minute workshops throughout the day, 11am-4pm.

Join The Lost Boys on a fun-filled workshop that tests your spy skills. Have you got what it takes to blend in, can you be trusted with secret information, can you operate behind enemy lines? Find out as you take part in devilish games and exercises designed and led by The Lost Boys.