Summer fun at Sudbury Hall

Wildflower growing at Sudbury Hall

Make the most of warm summer days and enjoy an ice cream with lakeside views. Take a leisurely stroll and you might even spot some wildlife along the way.

Play indoors

As well as exploring all eight galleries of the escapades and challenges of childhood, we’re giving visitors the chance to get hands on with some real classics from the museum’s collection.

Learning and play go hand in hand
A young boy playing with toys from the museum's collection
Learning and play go hand in hand

The National Caribbean Heritage Museum, also known as Museumand, have joined forces with the National Trust to launch an exhibition exploring Black dolls through the 20th and 21st centuries.

The exhibition is called ‘Black Dolls: The Power of Representation’ and it’s aimed at all ages and communities, including families. Featuring both historical and contemporary dolls from the Museum of Childhood’s unique collection, the exhibition will take a revealing look at how Black people are represented by Black dolls and Black characters in children’s books – and their impact on childhood and beyond. It will also include Black dolls and children’s books from Museumand’s own collection, from both Britain and the Caribbean.

Outdoor adventure

The children won’t be burning off their energy at school this summer, but our woodland play area can help with that. Hidden in the trees there's hours of fun to be had running, climbing and jumping.

There's lots to do in the Woodland Play Area
Brother and sister having fun in the Woodland Play Area
There's lots to do in the Woodland Play Area

Help them tackle obstacles in the Woodland Play Area and put your survival skills to the test with a spot of den building. That’s at least one item on the list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ ticked off. If you haven’t already you can pick up your free booklet from visitor reception.  

Try something different

Summer is all about families making special memories and what better way to do it than to enjoy a theatre production outside.

Expect a heartwarming adventures with one of our two outdoor theatre performances. Join us on the sunken lawn to the back of the Hall for some family theatre fun. Tickets are on sale now in our 'What's on' Section.

Bring a picnic along to this summer's outdoor theatre production
A family enjoying a picnic outside, Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire
Bring a picnic along to this summer's outdoor theatre production

We've got summer sussed

Join us for a whole summer of crafts and activities here at Sudbury. Crafts change on a weekly basis so each time you come back there'll be something new for you to try! Keep up with our social media to see what we've got planned the week before!