50 Summer-y Things To Do at Sutton Hoo

Bug hunting - one of the 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

We think summer is perfect for completing activities for the National Trust’s 50 Things To Do Challenge. Grab a summer hat, slap on lots of sun cream and head for the outdoors and out into nature. Visit our café afterwards for a cool ice-cream as the ideal chilly treat.

Here are some of our favourite ideas.

No. 24: Go On A Walk Barefoot

With the sun shining ahead and the site looking green and beautiful with the summer leaves, get really stuck into nature by taking a walk barefoot! Feel the ground beneath your feet as you make your way up to the Royal Burial Ground. Let others know where you’ve been with No. 24: Make A Trail With Sticks or perhaps lead them to a secret hide-away for No. 4: Build A Den. Why not see if you can pick up No. 17: Set Up A Snail Race and No. 25: Make A Grass Trumpet along the way as well?

Anglo-Saxon wild art at Sutton Hoo
Anglo-Saxon wild art at Sutton Hoo
Anglo-Saxon wild art at Sutton Hoo

No. 18: Create Some Wild Art

Whilst out and about on a walk on our Blue or Red trails, get creative by foraging for artistic materials for your next wild art masterpiece? Completing No. 33: Catch A Falling Leaf could even start you off with your first item, ready to become the centrepiece or the beginning of a border… the possibilities are as wide as your imagination! If you are exploring down by the river, you could even include No. 26: Hunt For Fossils And Bones and include those if you’re lucky enough to find any.

There's lots to explore this summer
Boy bug hunting
There's lots to explore this summer

No. 45: Find Your Way With Map And Compass

Pick up one of our tracker packs from Reception when you arrive and you’re ready for adventure. Keep on course with a map and a compass as you go, navigating your way through the woods and along the track. Use the pack for No. 31: Hunt For Bugs and try and identify the creepy crawlies you find. Keep your eyes peeled as you go and see if you can pick up the paw prints of wild beasties for No. 34: Track Wild Animals or check the skies for our summer guest, such as the skylarks and nightingales for No. 44: Go Bird Watching. You can even complete No: 49: Find A Geocache on site.

Check out the full list of 50 Things To Do for even more ideas!

Hedgehog in leaves

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