Easter fun at Sutton Hoo

A family explore Sutton Hoo

Explore the wonder of the Sutton Hoo landscape with new life everywhere you look this spring. From rare breed lambs taking their first steps to daffodils bringing bursts of sunny yellow and a woodland coming to life with the stunning colours of spring, there's so much to see and do.

With 245 acres to explore, there's plenty to see at Sutton Hoo this spring. As our rare breed lambs discover Suffolk life, squirrels can be seen along the route to the mounds as they re-awaken and start to play amongst the trees.

Why not pick up one of our tracker packs for children from reception and see what they can discover, or get involved with some of the creative events and, for Easter weekend, the essential egg hunt. 

Whitefaced woodland lamb at Sutton Hoo
Whitefaced woodland lamb at Sutton Hoo

Get creative

Join us this Easter for creative crafts. All day, every day, try your hand at Shield Making by creating your very own designs and painting them on, ready for battle!

Or why not grab one of our watercolour kits and venture out into the wilderness, drawing inspiration from the sights and sounds around you. Face-painting ‘Saxon Style’ will also be available at weekends during the school holidays.

Rediscover Sutton Hoo 

Discover Sutton Hoo as you’ve never seen it before with a range of explorative workshops for you to try.

Budding young photographer in the family?

The next John Constable?

Maybe you fancy trying your hand at writing, inspired by the stunning history and scenery of Sutton Hoo?

Each workshop is led by expert artists and authors, guiding you to create your masterpiece! 
Find out more and book a place on a Photography Workshop, Watercolour Workshop or Imagining History Workshop.

Daffodils in bloom at Sutton Hoo
Daffodils in bloom at Sutton Hoo

Gruesome Graves

Embark on a voyage of discovery across the ancient burial mounds and into history. Listen to our Anglo-Saxon guide as he reveals all the gruesome and grizzly details that are just too scary for our normal burial mound tours! Kids, you may have to hold your parent’s hands as you go, as it may be too scary for them! This is a free tour, taking place every other day at 1.30pm, starting on 4 April, just book at reception on arrival.

Myth and Magic

Come explore Sutton Hoo in the evening and discover the myths and the magic of the Sutton Hoo story! Let us take you back into history with tales of long-fought battles and kings and queens of the past. Learn how the Anglo-Saxons saw the world around them through their own words and beliefs. Some real, some may just be legend – you’ll have to decide for yourself. Find out more here.

Sample the shop and tasty treats

During the first weekend of April, join us in a game of Top Trump Cards, matching card against card to see who will come out on top. We’ll also have giant bubble blowing out in the courtyard. Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April, all day.

Come and sample some of Easter treats! We have some wonderful chocolate goodies and Easter biscuits to tempt you this holiday. Over a weekend, we’ll have chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate lollies, Easter biscuits and local summer berry fruit fusion wine all available for tasting. Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April, 11am - 4pm.

Easter Weekend

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter weekend, come and help Bunny track down the treasure eggs, through the woods and around the ancient burial mounds! Find the hidden eggs to solve the clues and win a yummy chocolate treat at the end.

Where better to celebrate this Ēosturmōnaþ – month of Easter - than this special Anglo-Saxon place. Hunts taking place from 14 - 17 April. Find out more.

Sae Wylfing

Come see this beautiful half-length replica ship on display in the Sutton Hoo courtyard during Easter weekend. Join us on board the Sae Wylfing and learn about sea-faring Anglo-Saxon culture. See how the ship was built, how it’s looked after now and find out about the construction of a full-size replica ship across the river in Woodbridge.