Exhibition at Sutton Hoo

Inside the exhibition hall at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo is currently closed whilst we work on an exciting new project to transform your experience of visiting. The exhibition hall will be re-opening in summer 2019.


Digging Deeper into History

The Exhibition Hall is the perfect place to learn more about the Sutton Hoo burials and the wider Anglo-Saxon world. A short film introduces you to the era, and information boards explore the story and themes that emerge from the archaeological discoveries. 

A reconstruction of the burial chamber evokes a sense of the ritual that must have taken place, and shows how the treasures were laid out around the king.

You can also discover some original artefacts from the excavation of Mound Seventeen - a young warrior and his horse. These include weaponry, gold harness pieces and a bone comb. 

For families there are quizzes, rune-writing, and the opportunity to dress up as an Anglo-Saxon. 

Out of the Case

We have a collection of exquisite hand-crafted replica treasures on display in the Exhibition Hall, made by master craftspeople. These treasures serve to show us what they would have looked like all those years ago when they were laid down in the ship burial. 

Making them was also an act of experimental archaeology. By using techniques that would have existed at the time, it has helped us to understand the skills of the Anglo-Saxon craftsman. 

Keep an eye on our events page for opportunities to get up close and personal with our hand-crafted replica treasures. Out of the Case sessions take place once a month.

Members of the public with an expert and the Sutton Hoo helmet

Out of the Case

See our master crafted replicas as they would have been in Anglo-Saxon times - out of the case and being handled!

Want to know more?

Short 15 minute talks on a range of fascinating topics are held in the Exhibition Hall by our expert volunteers. Timings and topics vary. Information displayed outside the Exhibition Hall.

Hidden Hoo

In the year 2000, archaeologists were excavating a corner of the Sutton Hoo estate in preparation for the construction of the exhibition hall and visitor services buildings.

The team discovered a whole new cemetry, of graves that pre-date the famous mounds.You can explore the burial area in detail with the 'Hidden Hoo' leaflet - ask at visitor reception for details.

Fascinating facts

•    1,507 - The number of miles the Byzantine bowl travelled
•    625 - The year in which it is believed King Raedwald died
•    37 - The number of gold coins found within the ship burial
•    30.5 - The height in metres from the river Deben to the ship burial
•    18 - The total number of mounds originally present at Sutton Hoo
•    3 - Number of Anglo-Saxon ship burials discovered in the UK to date