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Burial Mound tour at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo is currently closed whilst we work on a major transformation of the site. We have a wide variety of volunteering roles here, however, and there are still plenty of ways for you to get involved, either throughout our closure period or when we re-open in 2019.


Become part of the Sutton Hoo story

From welcoming visitors to Sutton Hoo, looking after our amazing second-hand bookshop, to getting your hands dirty with our Landscape Conservation team – there is something for everyone at Sutton Hoo.

By volunteering with us, you’re helping us bring the 1,400 year old story of Sutton Hoo to life whilst making new friends, developing new skills and contributing to an amazing cause.

Whatever your interests and passions are, we have a role for you.

Volunteers at Sutton Hoo chatting over tea

Become part of the Sutton Hoo Story

Find a role for you at Sutton Hoo with the list of our current vacancies and opportunities found here!

" It’s as though the planets align and I simply find myself in the right place – physically, spiritually or otherwise. Don’t know if that’s downright soppy, but that’s how Sutton Hoo gets me."
- Bill - Sutton Hoo Volunteer

New Opportunities

With the re-opening of Sutton Hoo in 2019 we also have completely new volunteering opportunities on offer, offering unique ways to get involved at our beautiful heritage site.

Whether you have years of experience or want the thrill of learning a brand new skill, everyone is welcome in our specialised volunteering roles.

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Volunteering Stories

Contact Us

If volunteering appeals to you, we'd love to hear from you!

You can either email Sally Metcalf for more details or fill in our online application form found here: Sutton Hoo Volunteering Opportunities.

Close up of Eddie outside at Sutton Hoo

Eddie is still volunteering at 90

Eddie is 90 and loves his time volunteering at Sutton Hoo. He keeps us all entertained with his stories and has a fantastic sense of humour.