Join the Sutton Hoo team

Burial Mound tour at Sutton Hoo

Come and get involved! We need your help to conserve, enhance and promote this enchanting estate for everyone to enjoy.


Become part of the team

The possibilities to volunteer at Sutton Hoo are endless. We have a range of different roles available for volunteers:

  • Bookshop - help sell second hand books in the 1930's estate stables
  • Café - assist the café staff with day-to-day duties
  • Exhibition Steward
  • Holiday and Craft activities - Join the team and help out during School Holidays
  • House Guide
  • Learning Assistant
  • Outdoor Team

If volunteering appeals to you, we'd love to hear from you! You can either email Sally Metcalf for more details or fill in our online application form found here: Sutton Hoo Volunteering Opportunities.

" It’s as though the planets align and I simply find myself in the right place – physically, spiritually or otherwise. Don’t know if that’s downright soppy, but that’s how Sutton Hoo gets me."
- Bill - Sutton Hoo Volunteer

Why volunteer at Sutton Hoo?

Volunteering at Sutton Hoo is a great opportunity to build skills and help secure a future for the site.

  • Build experience
  • Work with wonderful people
  • Gain new skills
  • Support your CV
  • Try something different
  • Indulge your interests
  • Flexibility to volunteer around you

Volunteering Stories