Suffolk Walking Festival 2017 at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo walking festival17

Join us at Sutton Hoo on 13th of May for the launch of the Suffolk Walking Festival! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the festival and we're celebrating with ten different walks around the site, plus the Launch Jaunt.

Join us for the launch of the Suffolk Walking Festival.

Come and explore the whole site of Sutton Hoo, from tours of the burial mounds and surrounding woodlands, to routes around the Sutton Hoo landscape.

Discover the archaeology and geology, the myth and magic, or the wide-range of flora and fauna to be found here - there really is something for everyone! 

You'll find a full list of all the walks below. For all of the walks (excluding the Nightingale Night Time Stroll), tickets include admission to the exhibition and burial mounds and can be booked through the Suffolk Walking Festival's website: or through their booking line on: 0333 666 3366.

Events are already selling out, so please book soon to avoid disappointment. 

Launch Jaunt
Join us as we celebrate the 10th year of the Suffolk Walking Festival. Enjoy refreshments (included in the ticket cost) before heading out on the first of the day's walks with one of the National Trust's expert volunteers guiding the way.
Let us take you on a walk around this beautiful landscape and through time with the fascinating history of Sutton Hoo. From Anglo-Saxon burials of kings and warriors, to the story of a 1930s discovery of golden treasure, it’s a true voyage of discovery! 
£10 Adult £5 Child
9:30am talk with the first walk leaving at 10:30am and a second leaving at 10:45am 
1hr30 walk

Family Woodland Walk
Explore Sutton Hoo's woodland with our Site Warden and discover the creatures that call this place home. A walk for all the senses, discover what you can see, hear and smell throughout the woods, listening for the tweeting tunes of birdsong or smelling the sweet scent of spring flowers. See if you can spot any of the wide range of furry and feathered beasts that roam the site, scurrying around the trees or hiding amongst the branches.
Note: This walk is great for young families!
£6 Adult £3 Child 
11:00am; 1hr walk

Bluebells in bloom at Sutton Hoo
Sutton Hoo Walking Festival 2017
Bluebells in bloom at Sutton Hoo

Bluebell Woods
Go off the beaten track and explore hidden woodland scenery at Sutton Hoo with one of our knowledgeable volunteers. Traverse amongst the colours of spring as you explore woodland paths not normally accessible to visitors, giving you views of the site’s woodlands that you’ll never have seen before. Hopefully there will be a beautiful carpet of bluebells in bloom for you to enjoy, transforming the woods in a wonder of stunning colour! 
11:30am; 1hr30 walk

Burial Mounds Tour
Discover the burial ground of kings and hear all about the amazing history of the site! From Anglo-Saxon burials, Tudor grave robbers, to the history of the grounds as it would have looked at the time of the 1930s excavations, Sutton Hoo is steeped in history. Journey to and onto the burial mounds themselves as one of our expert volunteers reveals all about the archaeological discoveries that changed our perception of the so-called Dark Ages forever. 
£6 Adult £3 Child 
11:30 am; 1hr15 walk

The Time Traveller's Guide to Sutton Hoo
Travel back in time and learn about the Anglo-Saxons who lived, died and were buried here.
A portal has appeared at Sutton Hoo, transporting young explorers back to early England and the time of the Anglo-Saxon king, Raedwald! You will be guided around the burial site on the new interactive family trail by our Education Officer. Help pull the ship to its final resting place and learn how to speak in Old English - the language of the Anglo-Saxons!
Note: This walk is great for young families!
£6 Adult £3 Child 
12:30pm; 1hr walk

Guided Tramper Tour
Take a guided tour around Sutton Hoo, following a route suitable for motorised mobility scooters.
Join a qualified member of our Sutton Hoo team on a steady walking paced tour across our accessible grounds, moving through the woods and around the burial mounds before returning via our wonderful Edwardian country manor, Tranmer House. Hear all about the site and its wonderful history as you traverse this beautiful landscape.
Three Trampers are also available to hire from Sutton Hoo free of charge (please specify need when booking).
£6 Adult £3 Child 
1:30pm; 1hr30 walk

Archaeology and Geology of the Sutton Hoo Landscape
A guided walk around Sutton Hoo and its surrounding landscape, led by the National Trust Archaeologist Angus Wainwright. Angus will talk about the often overlooked features of this special place - the very ground you walk across. Discover its history and archaeology and interpret the area's fascinating geology to reveal fascinating features hidden within the soil.
1:30pm; 2hr walk

Gruesome Graves Family Tours
Embark on a voyage of discovery across the ancient burial mounds and into history.
Listen to our Anglo-Saxon guide as he reveals all the gruesome and grizzly details that are just too scary for our normal burial mound tours!
Kids, you may have to hold your parent's hands as you go, as it may be too scary for them! Note: This walk is great for young families!
£6 Adult £3 Child 
2:30pm; 1hr30 walk

Sutton Hoo landscape in the misty morning

View Through the Eyes of the Anglo-Saxons
An opportunity for a first look at the proposed new route to the burial mounds.
Discover new views of this extraordinary place as you venture across land usually inaccessible to everyone but the sheep, witnessing the site like you've never seen it before. Learn how the Anglo-Saxons would have also viewed this landscape, how they lived, worked and were buried in this ground.
Note: Please be aware that much of this walk is over rough ground and not following footpaths.
£6 Adult £3 Child 
3:00pm; 1hr30 walk

Myth and Magic
Let us take you back into history with tales of long fought battles and kings and queens of the past as you discover the myths and magic of Sutton Hoo.
Learn how the Anglo-Saxons saw the world around them through their own words and beliefs - some real, some may just be legend - you'll have to decide for yourself!
Explore the landscape of Sutton Hoo showing how the Anglo-Saxons experienced the world around them and how they interpreted it.
£6 Adult £3 Child
4:30pm; 1hr walk

Nightingale Night Time Stroll 
Join a National Trust expert as you stroll around the atmospheric Sutton Hoo, listening out for the nightingale's beautiful song.
Enjoy refreshments on your return to the visitor centre.
Note: Walking boots are advisable and please bring a torch.
£8 Adult £5 Child
8:00pm; 2hr walk FULLY BOOKED