Sutton Hoo Family Trail - Saxon Words

Anglo-Saxon storyteller at Sutton Hoo

Do you know your scip from your ship, your geard from your yard? Discover the origins of the language we speak today on our new family trail - Saxon Words.

A Lost Language?

The Anglo-Saxons spoke a language that we now call Old English. It's very different from our modern English, but if you listened to a conversation between two Anglo-Saxons you would probably be able to understand some of the words.

This is because Old English eventually became modern English, although it picked up a lot of new words along the way. 

Follow the Trail 

Now you can explore the site at Sutton Hoo and discover some of the words that have been passed down to us over 1400 years from our Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Some have changed a lot, some a little, and some are exactly the same, all these centuries later. 

The trail is an outdoor activity that runs every day from 24 February to 20 March, 10.30am - 3.30pm. The trail is free, and normal site admission prices apply.