Sutton Hoo makes Historic England's Top 10

Sutton Hoo burial mound and tree at sunrise

Sutton Hoo has been named as one of the most significant places in the country as part of Historic England’s ambitious campaign 'Irreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places'.

Historic England’s campaign aims to bring England’s rich and unexpected history to life through 100 special places. We were nominated thanks to a public vote and from the hundreds of nominations, Sutton Hoo was one of ten places chosen by BBC arts editor Will Gompertz for the Art, Architecture and Sculpture category.

The 27 metre impression of a ship and exquisite treasures found in the sandy, acidic soil completely changed our understanding of Anglo-Saxon England. Before the discovery was made, the academic world dubbed the Anglo-Saxon period as the Dark Ages as so little was known about it.

The treasures found at Sutton Hoo, however, revealed a sophisticated society with highly skilled craftsmen using materials which were traded from all around the world. Sutton Hoo, its landscape and all that was found here has come to represent the vibrant culture the Anglo-Saxons enjoyed and created.

" One of the great finds of objects and treasures from our Anglo Saxon past. To look at them is to reach back and see our past made real and vital."
- Will Gompertz; BBC Arts Editor

As part of being selected to be in the list, Historic England will also explore Sutton Hoo’s significance and history in an in-depth podcast as part of a 10 part series.

Allison Girling, Property Operations Manager at Sutton Hoo: ”It really is such an honour to be included in Historic England’s History of England in 100 Places, especially as Sutton Hoo was originally nominated by the public. I hope more people will come to understand this very special place on the Suffolk coast.”’

The podcast about Sutton Hoo will be released on the 24 July for free on iTunes and Soundcloud

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