Sutton Hoo's Wishing Tree 2017

Golden pinecone with a goodwill message

Join us from Saturday 18 November and help us decorate our Wishing Tree.

2018 is going to be a big year for us at Sutton Hoo and we are already looking forward to the future with excitement.

Come and help us decorate our Christmas Nordmann fir tree with your own wishes for the New Year.

All of nature and especially trees held a special place in Anglo-Saxon culture and their myths and legends tell of their magical qualities.

The fir tree was only introduced to England in the Victorian Era but is a long standing Germanic tradition and one we still know and love to this day. This winter, we’re combining the old with the new with our Wishing Tree.

Taking one of our special golden pinecones, you can write your own message of goodwill or wish for the New Year on the attached label, or maybe even dedicate it to a loved one.

Then simply hang it up on our fir tree in Reception, leaving your own mark at Sutton Hoo.

This event is free but voluntary donations towards our fundraising will be gratefully received.