Tranmer House at Sutton Hoo

Tranmer House at Sutton Hoo, the home of Mrs Edith Pretty

Built in 1910, this Edwardian house was Edith Pretty’s home. In the late 1930s, a spiritualist friend of Mrs Pretty looked out from the house and saw a ghostly vision on the burial mounds, which inspired the famous Sutton Hoo dig.

A pretty home

We invite you in to the home of Mrs Edith Pretty - a warm and comfortable house that sits overlooking the River Deben and the town of Woodbridge. With wood-panelled interiors, marble fireplace, and views across to the famous burial mounds, Tranmer House is the perfect place to discover the story of the 1930s archaeological digs. 

Hands on

We want our history to feel alive and tangible. Flick through 1930s magazines in the comfort of a chaise lounge, play music on a gramophone or play authentic games, and imagine life on the brink of the Second World War.

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Did you know?

  • Its original name was Sutton Hoo House
  • Annie Tranmer Charitable Trust gave the house to National Trust in 1997
  • Land Army girls were stationed at the house during the Second World War
  • Part of the house was demolished to save on heating bills
  • There was no garden because the rabbits would destroy it
  • You can rent a holiday apartment at the house and live just like Mrs Pretty