Weaving Words - the Craft of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Anglo-Saxon storyteller at Sutton Hoo

The archaeology of Sutton Hoo gives us clues to the lost world of the Anglo-Saxons, and so too do the surviving poems and stories of that era. Sometimes bold, sometimes beautiful, always haunting, these words and the Old English language are explored in a new exhibition.

Hear the voices of the Anglo-Saxons in this beautiful exhibition of words and stories.

Our 2016 exhibition Weaving words celebrates Old English poetry and the power of both the spoken and written word, notably the skills of the wordsmiths as craftsmen and the art of the scop in producing poetry as performance.

This exhibition is an immersive experience that seeks to inform and inspire; transporting you back to the days of the scop within an Anglo-Saxon mead hall. A first for our temporary exhibitions, this exhibition will also feature an audio component with extracts from three different Anglo-Saxon poems being played from within the exhibition space - Beowulf, Deor and Caedmon's Hymn, with the voices of Dr Sam Newton, Stephen Pollington, and Maria Legg. 

We hope that this exhibition will really make the words come alive, fuelling the imagination and sparking the curiosity to discover more.