We’re rowing from Scandinavia to Sutton Hoo! Can you help?

Rowathon - Deben Rowing Club with Sae Wylfing

Join us on Saturday 19 August to Monday 28 August at Sutton Hoo for a glimpse into Anglo-Saxon history you’ll never have seen before and help us raise money for the future!

From the far flung shores of mainland Scandinavia to the familiar waters of the river Deben, the Anglo-Saxons forged clear connections as seen in the art and burial methods of the two cultures. 1,980,000 meters is the distance from Gamla Uppsala in Sweden (royal Norse burial mounds containing high status regalia) to Sutton Hoo and one we aim to match – though without any water actually involved.

Rowathon - Deben Rowing Club with Sae Wylfing
Rowathon - Deben Rowing Club with Sae Wylfing

We’ve teamed up with Deben Rowing Club from across the river in Woodbridge to bring six rowing machines to Sutton Hoo. If we can reach 330,000 meters on each machine, we’ll hit our target – and here’s where you come in.

Come along on the 19 to the 28 August and sign up for the suggested donation of £1 per minute on the day to join our trained staff and volunteers in hitting that distance. Each meter rowed is a meter closer to our goal. We’re hoping to reach £5,000 over the 10 day event and whatever you can donate will be greatly welcomed.

Please be aware due to the physical nature of this activity it is advised participants are aged 10 and above - although no experience is necessary. We will take you through a full warm up and cool down as you take part.

All the sponsorship money raised will be going directly to Sutton Hoo as we look forward to exciting changes in the near future, helping us develop your experience on a visit to us.

Make sure you also look out for us at the Ipswich Maritime Festival on the 19 and the 20 August, where you can also take part!

To find out more, phone our Reception on 01394 389714 for further details.