Wilderness Workshops at Sutton Hoo

Foraging and Natural Navigation

These events were planned before the coronavirus crisis and have now been cancelled. Please check our homepage for the most up to date information about visiting.

The Back to Wilderness team are dedicated to helping people connect with the natural world and understanding how we interact with it. To an Anglo-Saxon, the landscape was the source of everything from food to building materials and people’s lives depended upon their knowledge of the outdoors. 

These workshops are designed to encourage people to try new challenges and learn practical skills in a fun and creative way. They teach the fundamental skills required to survive and live in the wilderness, much as our ancestors did. 

We are running several different sessions across the year. Two of these- Foraging and Natural Navigation, and Axe Throwing- are both ideal activities for older families, whilst spoon carving provides an opportunity to get hands on with natural materials and green woodworking making the most of the great outdoors. Wilderness Workshops are the perfect way to plan an exciting new family experience which will create lasting memories, reconnect you with the natural world and rediscover the skills developed by our ancestors.

Foraging and Natural Navigation
Monday 6 April 2020 10.30am - 1.30pm (CANCELLED), Monday 10 August 2020 10.30am - 1.30pm (CANCELLED)
(minimum age 10 years)
Discover more about the natural resources that surround us and explore the landscape of Sutton Hoo as the Anglo-Saxons did.
Foraging is an activity that is so much more than seeking food. Natural resources can be used for a variety of daily uses including plants used for dyeing cloth through to the wide array of tree species that grow here and the different objects their timber can be used for.
Natural navigation is the art of finding your way through the landscape using features including the sun, plants and animals. It's not just a way of reaching a destination but also gives the chance to connect with nature.

Axe Throwing
Friday 17 April 2020 10.30am - 4.30pm (CANCELLED), Monday 17 August 10.30am - 4.30pm (CANCELLED)
(minimum age 10 years)

Battle like an Anglo-Saxon warrior in the axe throwing sessions. The Anglo-Saxons would use a specially designed throwing axe (a francisca) before the initial clash with the enemy, throwing them to create damage & havoc. During this session, you’ll not only learn how to throw an axe, but to make it stick in specially prepared wooden targets, rather than an enemy! We will be running five sessions across the day. In each session you will get a 15 minute brief followed by 45 minutes of throwing time.

Spoon Carving
Sunday 23 August 2020 10.30am – 3.30pm (CANCELLED)
(minimum age 14 years)
Discover the techniques used to carve wooden spoons which will provide you with the basic principles to create other wooden objects. Learn how to legally, safely & respectfully use a knife in a woodland environment to make a wooden spoon or two – you get to take home what you make! The techniques used to make just a spoon, will provide you with the basic principles and best practices to safely make many other items with wood – much like the Anglo-Saxons did.