Winter Solstice at Sutton Hoo 2017

Sutton Hoo burial mounds in the mist

Celebrate the Winter Solstice at Sutton Hoo this year amongst the Anglo-Saxon burial mounds.

Visit the ancient site of Sutton Hoo on Sunday 17 December - just before the Winter Solstice - to learn all about one of the key dates of the pagan calendar.

We are being joined by Dr Sam Newton to give an exceptional tour of the burial mounds, with the chance to actually walk out onto the mounds themselves, including Mound One of the famous ship burial.

Learn about the Anglo-Saxon midwinter feast and discover how traditions have survived down the ages on this special lecture as you walk from the visitor centre out to the burial grounds.

Starting at 14:30, you'll be out there ready to watch the sun go down and experience why this was such an important time in the Anglo-Saxon calendar.

Tickets are £15 which includes refreshments. Booking is essential.