Civil War: Battle for the Castle

Civil War battle re-enactment at Tattershall Castle

During the Civil War: Battle for the Castle weekend, the Castle will be transported back to August 1643 as the Royalists attack the Castle. With exciting battle re-enactments on both days, the Sealed Knot re-enactors will amaze visitors with their sleek weapons drills, booming cannons, clattering pikes and exploding muskets. Tents will line the Outer Wards allowing the intrigued visitor to experience what life was like during the Seventeenth Century in the living history encampment.

The castle is attacked

The Civil War came to Lincolnshire in 1643 and the Royalists, led by the Earl of Newcastle, attacked Tattershall Castle in mid-August.  Much damage was done to the defensive walls and ancillary buildings and the Royalists occupied the castle for a short time.  Only the Great Tower remained unscathed. 

In 1648, after the Kings defeat, a Parliamentary garrison was introduced into the Castle and a quantity of gunpowder sent from Boston. Parliament ordered the whole Castle to be demolished but through the Earl of Lincolns attempts for compensation for the loss of his home, the demolition order was overlooked and the castle left alone.

Tattershall Castle, the novel

In 1913 Bernard Gilbert wrote a much loved local novel about the events in 1643 and sets the scene perfectly for our re-enactment weekend. Oliver Cromwell retakes the castle and rewards John (the lead character) for his essential part in the fight against the Royalist invasion, by commissioning him to raise and command a troop of Fenmen. John describes the battle;

‘The cannon roared their hardest and after three hours a breach yawned…Dust rose in clouds. It was with sadness that John saw the buildings so misused for the aim was at first erratic. The keep had escaped certainly, being sheltered below by the dining-hall and other walls. The buildings that occupied the inner courtyard were suffering whilst the roof of the dining-hall, in the direct line of fire, was a wreck. The range was short, the execution amazing, and bricks flew like straw (Bernard Gilbert, Tattershall Castle, pg124).

The Event

Travel back in time into the castles history and celebrate this explosive event when the Civil War arrived at Tattershall Castle.

Saturday 13th August 2016, 11am-4pm

Royalists attempt to seize the Castle from the Parliamentarians, with a living history battle encampment, weapons drills, booming cannons and firing muskets. Battle at 1.30pm.   

Sunday 14th August 2016, 11am-4pm

Royalists attack and seize the Castle from the Parliamentarians, with a living history battle encampment, weapons drills, booming cannons and firing muskets. Battle at 2pm.

The noise of the cannon:

We advise you not to bring dogs to this event as the loud bangs might scare them. Please take into consideration the effect loud explosions from muskets and cannon fire will have on small children before entering the site. There isn't a secluded spot to hide from the noise.