Things to see and do at Tattershall Castle

A young well wrapped girl smiling through the window

Immerse yourself in a medieval world and brave the battlements. There's plenty for you to see and do all year round.

Explore the red brick castle

This magnificent 15th-century castle is one of the first of its kind in England.
Started in 1434, the castle has all the features of a typical castle but really ornate windows and the spacious rooms were built for luxury and comfort.

Listen and learn

Let the free audioguides transport you to 15th-century Tattershall.Listen to what life was like in our castle and how it was saved from demolition.

A visitor admiring Tattershall Castle tapestries
A visitor admiring Tattershall Castle tapestries

Spot Lord Cromwell's symbol

Ralph Cromwell was the Lord treasurer to King Henry VI for 10 years.
Cromwell didn't want anybody to forget his privileged position so he plastered the picture of his purse all over our beautifully decorated fireplaces.

Family exploring one of Tattershall Castle fireplaces
Family exploring Tattershall Castle fireplace

Follow the window timeline

After 200 years of neglect, Lord Curzon of Kedleston Hall replaced the missing windows with colourful stained glass.
Follow the heraldic crests of the previous owners of the castle from Eudo, the first to build a settlement here, to Lord Curzon himself.

Visitors whatching the Castle surroundings from a window at Tattershall
Visitors by a Tattershall castle window

Don't miss

  • the only corridor in the castle
  • the 18th-century dovecote
  • our priceless Flemish tapestries
  • Curzon's earth closet- the original visitor toilets
  • the original spiral staircase with sunken handrail
  • Second World War planes flying overhead from nearby RAF Coningsby
  • the Guardhouse giftshop
  • the view from the roof

Patrol the battlements

The castle was built in the flat Lincolnshire Fens. Walk along the battlements and see for nearly 20 miles.
Which local landmarks will you spot on the horizon? It's well worth the climb.

View from Tattershall Castle roof on the neighbouring Holy Trinity Church
Tattershall roof view

Wander through the grounds

Our grounds are full of lumps and bumbps from buildings long gone. Examine the ruins of our stables or the foundations of the kitchens.
Imagine what the site looked like all those years ago. See if you can spot our wildlife in and around our two moats.

Stables ruin at Tattershall Castle
Stables ruin at Tattershall Castle